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Effective Lure Turbo Powder 3kg

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If you want to take your hunting game to the next level, try Wild Animals Lure Turbo Flour - the ultimate wild animals lure for hunting in. With its unique combination of high-quality ingredients, turbo flour is unlike any other product on the market.

Made with a blend of corn, sugar, salt, roasted linseed, Jerusalem artichoke, and corn flavoring, Wild animals lure turbo flour has a flour-like consistency that can be easily spread on any surface, making it ideal for use in forests, swamps , and fields. It has been proven effective in attracting a variety of game animals including bear, elk, deer, wild boar, roe deer, fox and more, as demonstrated in over 100 videos of hunting environments.

One of the best features of wild animal lure turbo flour is its ability to maintain its effectiveness for an extended period even in harsh weather conditions. This means that hunters can use it for both short-term and long-term hunts, making it an essential tool for hunting.

The State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania has issued a permit to manufacture and supply turbo flour to European Union countries. As a responsible and environmentally friendly product, turbo flour is a reliable choice for any hunter who values ​​sustainability and the conservation of wildlife. If you're serious about hunting, you need Wild animals lure Turbo Flour in your arsenal.