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Effective attractant. More resin, 500 g.

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Looking for an effective way to lure wild boars in? Our product, the Effective More Pine Resin Lure for Wild Boars, is the perfect solution for you. Made from high-quality resin, this product is designed to emit an irresistible scent that wild boars find impossible to resist.

Our product has disinfecting properties that promote tissue regeneration, ideal for boars that are familiar with the disinfecting effects of resin on wound healing, odor masking, and mouse repelling. This makes it an ideal choice for hunters who want to attract wild boars to a specific location.

To use our boar lure, simply apply it to a non-viable tree trunk at the bait location. Our product has all the necessary permits to be manufactured and supplied to European Union countries, by the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service.

All of our wildlife lures are designed based on years of experience and practice in the wild to ensure maximum effectiveness. Give our product a try today and experience for yourself the power of the Effective More Pine Resin Lure for Wild Boars.
Texture It's thick
It is applied to the tree trunk
The smell
Pine sap
Plastic bottle with stopper
500 gr