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Natural seductive sweet corn, closer to nature! 50 ml.

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Looking for an effective way to attract wildlife to a specific location? Our natural corn syrup spray is just what you need. With its balanced aroma and taste of sweet corn, it is irresistible to wild animals.

Simply spray the contents of the bottle on the feed at the desired location, and watch as wildlife flock to the area. This decoy is specially designed to attract wildlife to a spawning area and keep them there, making it an ideal choice for hunters and nature enthusiasts alike.

Our natural corn syrup spray is made from only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for use in any environment. All of our wildlife lures are designed based on practice in the wild, so you can trust that they're effective in luring game animals.

You can easily order our natural corn syrup spray online and have it shipped directly to you. We have received permission from the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service to manufacture and distribute our product successfully, specifically to Finland and other European Union nations. So you can be sure that it's safe and legal to use. Try our natural corn syrup spray today and experience the power of an effective wildlife attractant.

Taste Corn
The smell Corn
Blown on feed
Plastic bottle with nozzle
50 ml.