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Repellent of boar fear, 500 ml.

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Introducing the ultimate solution to protect your crops from wild animal damage – WildBoar fear repellent for crops! Don't let the fear of crop damage by wild animals keep you from having a successful harvest this year. Our product is designed to prevent damage from roe deer, deer, wild boar, and other wild animals.

Unlike other repellents that have a temporary effect on animals, WildBoar fear repellent for crops is a WOLF smell that causes panic to boars and other wild animals, affecting them instinctually. This makes it a unique remedy that wild animals don't get used to, ensuring long-lasting protection for your crops.

With this product, you can protect your crops and other crops from wild animal damage by up to 85%! Only 500 ml is needed for the perimeter of more than 3 km, with 2-3 sprays every 10 meters. It's easy to use – simply spray about 1.5 ml in one place using the applicator on the newly sown soil every 10 meters. For green crops, it is recommended to use stakes and tie fabric strips on them, and then spray about 1.5 ml on each strip. The product starts working after 7-9 hours, and it is necessary to repeat the spraying after heavy rain or after 8-10 days for best results.

Our product has minimal environmental impact, as it is not harmful to water reservoirs and aquatic flora and fauna. It's also harmless to pets and not poisonous, making it a safe choice for your crops. Additionally, we have received permission from the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service to manufacture and distribute our WildBoar fear repellent for crops successfully, specifically to Finland and other European Union nations.

WildBoar fear repellent for crops is a 100% biodegradable product, making it an eco-friendly solution for protecting your crops from wild animal damage. So don't let wild animals ruin your harvest – try WildBoar fear repellent for crops today!

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36 months

The smell
A deterrent
500 ml.
500 gr.
Plastic bottle with nozzle